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About NearMint

NearMint is a platform for professional sellers of physical music & collectibles built on the Discogs® database, the biggest and most comprehensive music database and marketplace. Sellers using NearMint run their businesses smarter and more efficiently, allowing them to focus on growth rather than juggling CSV’s. Some of the largest Discogs sellers already use NearMint to list and manage their inventory, ranging from record labels who manage stock of their releases to some of the largest inventories of used and collectible records.

Our mission is to support and grow the music & collectibles ecosystem.

We believe we can achieve this by building the tools that allow sellers and suppliers to manage their business smarter and more efficiently, using technology, data, automation and optimization that plug in to a connected, multi-channel world.

About Us

NearMint was started and is still headed up by Daniel Spijker. Since joining Discogs the team has grown into a lean team of music + tech enthusiasts with a deep passion for building (technology) products to solve real-world problems. We’re primarily based in Portland and Amsterdam. We all buy, sell, play or collect in various degrees and combine our own experience with continuous feedback and involvement from the community to inform our roadmap.

NearMint LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zink Media, LLC, the parent company that also operates