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The more inventory you list, the more you sell and the easier it is for buyers to combine multiple items into one order. In NearMint you will list lightning-fast, either one by one with our focused listing flow or in bulk by importing CSV files in any format from any other source.

Discogs Inventory Listing Flow

1: Start your search. Whatever data you start with, drop it in and NearMint will search the Discogs database for the matching release.

2: Match the right release. If we find multiple matching releases, you’ll be able to filter and search through the results, and easily compare all their details and images without leaving the page. Once you identified the right version, simply click Match and we’ll import all details into your inventory.

3: Add the listing details. Select the gradings with 1 click, drop in some comment templates or write your own, and complete additional data like private comments, location and tags. We use all these fields as defaults for your next listing, so you won’t have to do any double work. To determine the price, all live marketplace stats and listings are displayed on the right, so again no need to leave the page.


Import from any source

Have inventory in other source, channel or format? In NearMint you can simply Import a CSV, match up the columns and cell content, and let us auto-match every item against the Discogs database. Once complete, you’ll have a sortable table including the match status and count, where you can check and complete every listing, individually or in bulk, before moving them to your inventory.