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Discogs Inventory Management

Once your inventory is imported, you will see all your items in the Inventory table in NearMint, while already sold items will be moved to the separate Sold Items tab. You can now use the advanced search, filter and sorting tools to find specific items or segments of your inventory. Clicking on an item will reveal all details, including Discogs pricing stats and current marketplace listings. You can make changes here and directly ‘save & sync’ to Discogs.

Bulk changes & promotions

You can also select multiple, or even all your inventory items, and apply changes in bulk. Next to changes in item details (condition, status, offer status, etc.) you can also update prices with discounts, round up and minimum prices. We even built a simple way to add ‘promo texts’ to the beginning of your items’ public comments to promote your price changes, shipping offers, store details etc. Once you are done with your bulk updates, you can sync all changes to Discogs with one click. For more information about managing your inventory click here


Sitting on (new) stock items with multiple quantity? Simply add the quantity to each item in NearMint, and while Discogs users will still just see 1 listing in the marketplace, once this sells we’ll adjust the quantity and auto re-list it for you if you want.